"It's kind of a shame that they used what could have been a nice moment to sort of spread these subtly anti-union talking points."
"I was given no information and thus no choice about whether I wanted to expose my kids to that risk"
Language in the contract only guarantees one day off a week, but ends the practice multiple 12-hour days in a row
As the strike continues, the workers who remain in the plant are facing a pandemic resurgence 
And pictures of time sheets I obtained make clear that the company is pushing workers to the brink
"The treatment and overtime has always been this way"
"A crowd converged on me and chased me"
"We think the detention centers should be closed, period. All of them."
"It’s just incredible what standing up for your rights can do"
Execution by nitrogen gas is part of what's becoming a pattern around the country
Allergens like tree nuts were not properly cleaned from the lines, former and current Kansas plant workers told me
'Not being able to provide severance was one of the hardest, most painful decisions that our leadership team has ever had to make.'