Plus, Oakland students tell me about their strike
"It took months to get my promised pay rate"
Since coming under Chervin Jafarieh's influence, Djokovic has been vocal about his increasingly fringe views
“The boys share information they feel isn’t covered by the mainstream media, this is a rare example where the band got it wrong”
Healthcare workers talk to me about how overwork and understaffing are leading to burnout
“The darkness of hate leaves us stumbling, lost, turning father against daughter, sister against brother”
“I could see the land changing, I could see the climate changing, I saw the mega fires”
“I'm bracing myself for the inevitable consequences"
"It's just sort of taken as a given that this is the way things are and have to be"
A conversation with Karen Geier on the show's portrayal of tripping out in the woods
“They want us to stay in person but won't take the safety measurements that they should be”
The same kind of far-right conspiracy theories you’d expect to find in conservative spaces, but with a faux progressive sheen