Claims made on my podcast Tuesday about Brana's behavior throw the future of his group into doubt
"Every election makes me feel a little less sure my vote accomplishes anything at all"
Joe Biden is not up to the task at hand
Unscrupulous elements of the "left" are taking advantage of people's real rage at the system

June 2022

“They're not going to fight because they aren't the people impacted"
Plus: Patriot Front arrests, the utility of caring about January 6, and a roundup of recent work
Nomiki Konst is facing pushback from supporters of Kristen Gonzalez—their surrogates square off in an exclusive episode
It was the only way to identify the body of Uvalde massacre victim Maite Rodriguez
Copycat threats in the wake of Uvalde have teachers at the breaking point
My conversation with Rolling Stone's EJ Dickson on the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial

May 2022

The media has to stop uncritically repeating what law enforcement tells them
Teachers talk about what it's like to hold the lives of students in their hands—and the toll the threat of violence is taking on everyone in the…