Two Decades of War

On the end of the War in Afghanistan


Something a little different today as I share audio from a recent podcast episode of The Insurgents I recorded with hosts Rob Rousseau and Jordan Uhl this week.

We discuss the end of the War in Afghanistan, Joe Biden’s buck-passing on who supported it when, and what we think comes next.

Give a listen and subscribe to Insurgents here.

I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some other stuff I’ve been working on while you’re here.

  • At Notes on the Crises I looked into and its rise to being the premiere identity verification system for unemployment insurance—as the consequences of that move become clear

  • I looked at the way political groups use deceptive polling to manipulate donors at Blue Tent

  • For Business Insider, I wrote about the infiltration of left spaces by far-right conspiracy theorists looking to capitalize on a rudderless progressive movement

  • And at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, I looked at the way gun sales are being downplayed as a driver of increased homicides as media blames Black Lives Matter

There’s more to come this month and next month both here at The Flashpoint and around the media world—so stay tuned.