I’ll be casting Zero Mostel as Larry Summers .

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I'd be interested to know whether you think the ideological imbalance in the status quo

is a problem. As Jonathan Haidt points out, "something alarming has happened to the academy since the 1990s... It has been transformed from an institution that leans to the left, which is not a big problem, into an institution that is almost entirely on the left, which is a very big problem." One institution comes along to try to make one small dent in the imbalance—and you respond with pure vitriol and invective? https://righteousmind.com/viewpoint-diversity

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Don’t forget Pinker is also into eugenics!

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UCLA's newest addition to their Law School is named after their big donor, the Junk Bond King Milken(s). No joke, see under LOWELL MILKEN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LAW AND POLICY:


I don't recall any boycott, divestment or sanctions movements and it was too late to cast Zero Mostel as either of the Milken Brothers who were for a time the richest siblings in the world. Try an online search now and see how many of their philanthropic white-washing institutions are at the top of a Google search and how far down into the thousands of hits you have t go to find any critique of their whitewashing of the crimes Michael Milken actually was tried and convicted of fraud, among the few Corporate Looters to actually serve time in jail (regrettably not a For Profit Prison!)

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