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Wage Slave Week or Planet of the Clock Punchers should address these worker and job applicant complaints on their daily (even hourly) broadcast programs! Oh...you mean that for those "choosing" to tune in to and for whom every week is This Week on Wall Street or every hour of National Public Radio\PBS indoctri-NATION is Planet Money or Marketplace or Business Insider or Bloomberg Billionaire Bid-Net News or Freakanomics there is nowhere to turn on the airwaves of the Free and the Home of the Knave for a laboring human being's perspective and point of view?

Whoever heard of such a thing?!?! And Big Business and Big Labor is copacetic with this? Along with the voters of both of our Duopoly Corporate\Coporate Captured politically representative parties? Don't we know what duplicates are, or are all of U.S. dupes? Time to redraft the sanity clause in time for Christmas. By then both of the parties of our first part or all of our parties of the second part should know that ya can't fool me: There ain't no such thing as a Sanity Clause in our anti-social contract.


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Keep on doing Eoin. We're right behind you with our D-E-M-A-N-D-S, or is that Labor's D-E-P-E-N-D-S...

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